All General Assemblies are Double Delegation, meaning each position will be represented by two delegates.

The First Committee: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) is a General Assembly that addresses issues related to disarmament and threats to peace on a global platform, seeking international security and safety solutions. As part of the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace, this DISEC committee will attempt to tackle issues of militarization that affect the Refugee Crisis, particularly as it relates to Syrian Refugees and the rise of ISIL. In addition, DISEC aims to de-escalate the rise of Feudal warlords in the African continent, particularly as the rise of these terrorists affect migrant populations across the span of the continent.

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The Second Committee: Economic and Financial (ECOFIN)

The Economic and Financial Committee is the second committee of the United Nations. Focused primarily on global economics and trade policies, ECOFIN looks to create and encourage dialogues in which delegates debate economic policies and financial policies that can make this world a better place. This year, ECOFIN will serve as part of the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace.

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The Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural (SOCHUM)

The refugee's journey will face many dangerous obstacles each and everyday. But once they reach their receiving country will they finally have a sense of peace? Integration is one of the hardest, most emotionally challenging components of a refugee's journey, including integration and mental health.

The Social and Humanitarian Committee will meet to discuss and decide how to better integrate refugees into their respective communities. From privacy and safety to the health and standard of living for refugees, we will be determining how to approach these sensitive situations. We will also tackle the issues of a refugees journey, and what hardships they will face on the path to exodus. the ultimate goal is to grant the refugees consistency, stability, and peace in their third countries, but also working through issues they face in the second and origin countries.

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The Fourth Committee: Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL)

Part of the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace, SPECPOL looks to examine the effect the imperial age has had on modern geopolitical issues and will deal with the effects of decolonization and maintaining a strong government in areas stricken by the Refugee Crisis. SPECPOL will be evaluating a universal refugee policy for those seeking asylum as well as the challenges faced by Palestinian Refugees in contemporary society.

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Within the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace, the Legal Committee is a group designed with the primary goal of advising legal concerns in the General Assembly. In face of the current Refugee Crisis, the legal committee wishes to address the issue of international terrorism that affects population movement and the access and availability of humanity aid in regions with refugees.

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Novice Committee: The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)*

The United Nations International Children's Fund, or widely known as UNICEF, serves as a vital body of the United Nations for it advocates for the rights and well being of children worldwide. It pressures the international community by striving to set ethical principles and behavioral standards towards children. As children are our future leaders, thinkers, scholars, and workers, it is vital to aim towards the ability of giving each child a chance at success. However, as the world implodes with issues, conflicts, and severe circumstances, children are at the forefront of the suffering and fight for survival.

Delegates of the VAMUN XXXVII UNICEF Committee will grapple with two critical issues: the Child Refugee Crisis and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Africa. The resolutions of these issues are your hands, Delegates. It's time to get to work!

* Note from the Director General: As a part of VAMUN's dedication to providing a comprehensive learning experience, we are introducting a Novice Committee for the first time! This committee serves to provide an introduction to the world of Model United Nations at a higher level, focused on guarenteeing an amazing delegate experience. On your honor, if you are signed up for this committee, you must be a new/novice delegate.

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