Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Sponsors, Delegates, and Friends,

It is a true honor and pleasure to welcome you to the thirty-seventh annual iteration of Virginia Model United Nations, a conference which offers students the chance to learn more about the world and themselves. This year, VAMUN will take place from November 17th- November 19th at the historic University of Virginia. Centered around the landmark Rotunda, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and beautiful Grounds which have inspired some of the brightest minds in history, I am confident that the University and Charlottesville will serve as a stunning backdrop for VAMUN.

Model United Nations itself can be a transformative activity as it affords delegates the opportunity to explore foreign affairs and debate in an immersive, interactive setting. Here at VAMUN, that opportunity is particularly unique because our staff members give delegates both the chance to problem-solve and impact their own committees’ directions, and a supportive and respectful environment in which they can do so. For the past thirty-six years, VAMUN has strived to build a rigorous, academic conference environment, and this year is no exception.

From larger General Assemblies to smaller Crisis Committees to midsize Specialized Agencies, VAMUN prides itself on its diversity of issues, geographic regions, and timelines. This year, we will have 31 committees. The Wilson Global Systems Simulation, an exciting interconnected group of several committees exploring various angles of one conflict, will also be entering its fifth year with VAMUN XXXVII. In addition, we are premiering the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace, a group of five General Assembly committees of the United Nations who will examine the same broad topic through various angles specific to the committee’s focus. VAMUN is also pleased to introduce our first Novice General Assembly, so that delegates can feel at home at conference whether this is their first VAMUN or their fourth.

Outside of committee, delegates are offered tours through our historic Grounds, admissions information sessions, professor talks on current topics, an exciting Delegate Dance, and great food on the famous U.Va. corner.  We are also excited to bring you a variety of online training modules for delegates this year, which will be introduced over the summer so that every student has ample time for prepare for the conference, while secretariat prepares the conference for the students. Every Secretariat member, Chair, Crisis Director, and Staff member is entirely committed to ensuring that VAMUN is a worthwhile and fulfilling experience for all involved – please do not hesitate to let us know how we can serve you to this end.

On behalf of the International Relations Organization and the hundreds of U.Va. students building this conference, we are incredibly excited to welcome you to an unforgettable weekend. Please check this website and our Facebook page, Virginia Model United Nations, for conference updates, or feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you!


Ankita Satpathy

VAMUN XXXVII, Secretary General




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