Crisis Simulations

Greetings esteemed delegates,

Welcome to the 38th iteration of the Virginia Model United Nations conference. I am delighted to welcome you to our historic grounds for what will be a weekend filled with stimulating debate, entertaining crises, and hopefully a very memorable weekend. A goal I wanted to achieve in this year’s crisis committees was uniqueness, in addition to diversity of topics, time periods, people, and places. Each crisis committee has a unique twist that separates it from other committees on this topic. I hope that this uniqueness challenges you to think from a new perspective and you leave our Grounds with this in mind. That being said, I look forward to seeing you all on Grounds this November and the debate and crisis plans brought with you.

All the Best,

Matthew Slagley

Under-Secretary General of Crisis Committees, VAMUN XXXVIII


JCC: Romance of the Three Kingdoms—Wu

"天命有归,皇上是真龙天子,任何人反对不了(Destiny is at play, the Emperor is the true Son of Heaven, no one can oppose him)。

The age of Yao and Shun has passed, and Shangdi has sent the world into a age of blood and terror. We, the honorable men of Wu, seek a better future as the rightful owners of the Mandate of Heaven, and to spread our beneficience amongst all Chinese. Our armies are strong and our economy robust, but we face a perilous threat to the Southwest: Shu. Join as we try to bring order and eternal peace to this war-scarred nation."

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JCC: Romance of the Three Kingdoms— Shu

The Han Dynasty's golden age has come to an end. China is in turmoil and entrenched in civil war. The formerly united country is now divided into three states, led by warlords striving for power. As a fledgling power, Shu must combat the strategic Wu and ever cunning Wei states. To the founders of Shu, the state is the legitimate successor to the Han Dynasty and will do everything in their power to continue its legacy. While having talented military tacticians and engineers who have the potential to change the tide of war, Shu has a noticeably smaller population than its rival states. With its courage and determination, can Shu conquer the other states and unify China?

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Harry Potter and the Dark Lord's Ascension

You've read the books and seen the movies, now experience the world of Harry Potter like never before. Cast spells on your classmates, obtain funds from Gringotts, fight the forces of evil, all while trying to pass your Potions Final. Or... shall you align with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in his ascension to power and dominance of the wizarding world? Perhaps beguile your friends, bewitch the muggles, and deceive your fellow delegates. This committee will focus on maintaining diplomacy in unique and unconventional scenarios and will allow the delegates to engage in an unforgettable concoction of debate, wizardry, and hopefully friendship.

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Nixon Investigation

It’s late June, 1972. Five men have just been arrested for breaking in to the DNC headquarters, located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. The FBI has begun investigations, and find a link between the burglars and the Committee to Re-elect the President, an organization with ties to sitting President Richard Nixon. Meanwhile, the war in Vietnam is dragging on, and on the home front people are struggling with a new economic crisis, dubbed stagflation. Confidence in the White House is beginning to fade. The Nixon administration is tasked with running a country on the verge of crisis, while also trying to preserve their careers and freedom as the details of the Watergate investigation reveal a conspiracy at the heart of the American government.

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Vietnam War: South Vietnam Cabinet

The outbreak of the conflict in Vietnam has pulled in the United States and other nations on the side of the pro-capitalism South Vietnam. This committee will deal with the challenges posed by the North Vietnam forces and the Viet Cong, along with issues with communism. The onset of the conflict has brought new difficulties such as guerrilla warfare and other unconventional military techniques. The committee will consist of representatives from South Vietnam and other allies.

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Doctors Without Borders: Board of Directors

Doctors Without Borders (officially Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)) was founded on December 22, 1971. Since then it has expanded from its original staff of three hundred volunteers to an international network employing over thirty thousand aid workers. The stated goal of MSF is to provide assistance to populations of distress, "irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political convictions." MSF pledges to observe neutrality and impartiality in giving aid, in the name of universal medical eithics. This Board is charged with upholding these and other fundamental tenents of the MSF Charter in the face of varied global crises, whether that be natural disasters that leave millions without food and clean water, or armed conflicts that displace entire populations.

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First Crusade - Defense of the Holy Land

The year is 1095 CE. The Sultanate has shattered. After the murder of Sultan Malik-Shah I (may He rest in peace), usurpers sprang from every shadow, rending Great Seljuk into a thousand pieces. For three years now, the Seljuks have fought against one another--brother against brother, blood against blood--in an effort to reunite the Sultanate with itself at their head. But as they look inward, they must also consider the threats around them. To the south, the Fatimids eye the stolen holy city of Al-Quds. To the east, the age-long rivals of the Ghaznavids, made rich by plunder from northern India. And to the west, the Byzantines, weakened by the disaster at Manizkert, but eager to avenge themselves on the Turks. And if the stories of Frankish mercenaries quartered in Constantinople are true, they will seek that revenge sooner rather than later.

Can you carefully navigate these trying times, and in so doing ensure your name is remembered for generations to come? Or will you be just one more footnote in the annals of history?

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Trojan War - Greek City-State Alliance

Paris, Prince of Troy, has kidnapped Helen with the assistance of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Priam, King of Troy, has refused to return Helen to her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta, and is guarding the runaway couple behind the high walls of his city. Agamemnon, Menelaus’s brother and King of Mycenae, has called upon all of Greece to sail to Troy and retrieve his brother’s wife. Will the united heroes of Greece, with the blessings of the gods, be able to penetrate the defenses of Troy and its allies? Or will Helen remain with Paris, forever under Aphrodite’s spell?

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No Man's Land: At the Jammu and Kashmir Negotiation Table, 2018

A referendum carried out in blood, the blinding of its own citizens, and religion based violence; is there no end to the turmoil in Kashmir? It seems like consensus between the two feuding states of India and Pakistan was once a long sought dream. However, for them to meet at the negotiation table? Perhaps the dream does have a hint of reality to it. A committee tailored for the experienced delegate, delve into the a holistic simulation of the Kashmir crisis as you engage in high pressure debate to solve one of the most conflicting issues of our times. Expect the unexpected and careful with those crisis arcs, you may be your own worst enemy.

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South China Sea - Vietnam (Novice Crisis Committee)

For centuries, Vietnam has been forced to concede power in the South China Sea to global powers. Now, the United States and China are throwing their weight around in the region. This is Vietnam’s chance to utilize its growing economic power to establish itself in the region and ensure the territorial integrity of rightfully Vietnamese waters. How Vietnam will effectively and diplomatically do so, however, is contentious and is yet to be seen.

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