The Economic and Financial Committee is the second committee of the United Nations. Focused primarily on global economics and trade policies, ECOFIN looks to create and encourage dialogues in which delegates debate economic policies and financial policies that can make this world a better place. This year, ECOFIN will serve as part of the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace.


Niko marcich

Sophia Martinese is a Second Year student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences studying Biomedical Engineering, and is pursuing a Business Minor from the McIntire School of Commerce. Having been involved in Model United Nations throughout high school, she enjoys the ebb and flow of debate and open discussion, learning to appreciate new points of view and working towards feasible and promising resolutions. She is fascinated by the intersection of science, business and law and is very passionate about the opportunity Model United Nations provides for exploration of those fields. Best wishes to everyone attending VAMUN this year, and good luck to everyone in her DISEC committee!