VAMUN is proud to present two Jefferson Committees on Diplomacy inspired by Thomas Jefferson, UVAs founder, diplomatic and debating ability. In the past, VAMUN’s two advanced committees have both been within an ad-hoc crisis structure. This year, however, we are proud to include an opportunity for delegates to showcase their skills in an advanced specialized committee as well as our traditional ad-hoc crisis committee. Both committees serve to challenge experienced delegates to step outside of their comfort zone and collaborate to create effective policy solutions. Each committee will be filled with the best delegates within each respective committee structure forcing delegates to go above-and-beyond to succeed in committee.

Good Luck Delegates.


Shivani Saboo

Director General, VAMUN 2018


The Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy -Crisis

Click here to learn more about the Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy -Crisis.

The Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy -Specialized

The Specialized Arm of the Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy provides an opportunity for advanced delegates to participate in an engaging multilateral simulation. This year, that simulation will be the International Criminal Court. Delegates will be assigned to represent either the prosecution or defense team for an alleged war criminal during various moments in global history. Delegates will serve as jury members for all cases besides the one they present, thus giving them the opportunity to both present a case and consider critical questions of international law and justice for other cases. Background guides and case assignments will be made closer to the conference date, but delegates interested in researching the ICC now should familiarize themselves with the court's history and the Rome Statute, the court's primary governing document. We look forward to seeing you in November! Click here to learn more about the Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy-Specialized.