National Basketball Association (NBA): Board of Directors

With basketball continuing to evolve on a global scale, both the NBA and WNBA have been faced with new challenges. As revenue exponentially increases with new marketing, arenas, and TV revenue, in both leagues, there is still a ridiculous disparity between the NBA and WNBA. As league executives of and board directors, delegates must work together to come up with creative solutions that will ensure the continued growth and prosperity of our sport, and reduce the disparity in popularity between the two leagues.

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Habib Karaky

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Habib is a third year engineering student majoring in Computer Science and Economics from McLean, Virginia. Having chaired a NBA committee last year and vice-chaired a FIFA committee, he can't wait to continue his stellar sports committee legacy at VAMUN XXXVIII. He has been involved in MUN since his sophomore year in high school and competes on the Travel Model UN team at UVA. Outside of MUN, Habib is a ULink Peer Advisor and Vice President of the Lebanese Club. During his free time, you can find him eating Lebanese food, traveling the world, cheering on his beloved Lakers, and binge watching sports debate shows on ESPN and Fox Sports.