Yemen, a country with an incredible history, now faces what is certain to be a bloody and complicated civil war. In just a few days, the Houthi Rebels have taken the capital city of Sana'a march south towards Aden, the Hadi's base of control. Only saved by Saudi Arabia's intervention, the Hadi Government’s future in Yemen remains very much in jeopardy.

While the United States and the United Arab Emirates provide logistical support to the Hadis and consider further involvement, Iran also weighs the pros and cons of having a Shia-led ally in the Houthis rise to power in Yemen. All the while, extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State use this instability to gain a foothold in Yemen.

These six groups, all with different interests, incentives, and ideologies, will decide the fate of Yemen long past the year 2015. Their actions, or lack thereof, could lead to tens of thousands of deaths, millions of people displaced, the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, and a country devolve into chaos. The fate of Yemen lies in their hands, and history has its eyes on them.

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The Hadi Government


We now find ourselves locked in an existential conflict. An illegitimate “government” threatens to seize control of Yemen, and a number of outside powers are beginning to take notice of our plight. While some wish to help us bring stability and prosperity to Yemen, others will act against us. We must pick our allies carefully, and maintain their support if we wish to achieve victory. May I remind you, victory is the only acceptable outcome.

While it is critical we establish and maintain military supremacy, we must always be aware of international opinion. Remember that opinion can often be swayed by both rhetoric as well as actions. Sophistry, atrocities, war crimes, and neglect of our citizens will all reflect poorly on us, and could jeopardize future support.

Fight bravely, act wisely, but be careful. Our future depends on it.

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The Supreme Political Council

Yemen is a nation on the verge of collapse. The Houthi control the capital, Sana’a, and Saudi Arabia begins to invade. Iran, the United States, and a host of foreign powers have added themselves to the mix, turning an already volatile situation into a potentially devastating conflict. Thousands have already died, countless people are internally displaced, and the very idea of government has ceased to have any effect. It is in this context that the Supreme Political Committee convenes. For decades, the Shia Houthi have labored under the yoke of the Sunni Hadi government. Yet now, with their control of Sana’a, that is looking to change. Under the combined weight of the Houthi, Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and its own failings, Yemen is a nation on the verge of collapse. One needs only to find the right place to push, and the whole rotting structure will come tumbling down.

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The United States Central Command

March 2015: The conflict in Yemen has escalated into an all-out civil war. Major powers are taking sides, with the United States and most GCC countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia supporting the legitimate Hadi government. However, the Houthi Rebels have captured the city of Sana'a, and are marching south towards the city of Aden, possibly with help from Iran. So far, the United States has only provided logistical support the Hadis. However, the violence in Yemen is escalating, and AQAP and ISIL have added additional challenges to the conflict. In order to maintain the balance of power in the region, it may become necessary for the United States to take more direct action, especially if the Houthis and their allies gain the upper hand. It will be up to the United States Central Command to determine the best course of action to take, maintaining diplomacy while securing the United States' interests in the Middle East.

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The Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia! My name is King Salmon, and we are intervening in the Yemeni Civil War because we wholeheartedly believe that the Hadi government, the rightful government of Yemen, can successfully thwart the attempts made by the radical Houthi’s to take control of the country. With our generous military aid, we know that the Hadi’s can take back the capital of Sana’a and crush the radicals. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a tough battle, with the even more radical AQAP and ISIL trying to impede our success as well. But with the massive numbers of troops and resources that we are willing to contribute, including our famous yet controversial airstrikes, the Hadi’s will take back their country, as it will be written.

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The Iranian Armed Forces

In the country of Yemen, a group of warriors fights for freedom. For years, the Shia Houthis have lived under an oppressive, Sunni-led government in Yemen. Now, under the leadership of the recently formed Supreme Political Council, the Houthis have taken Yemen's capital of Sana'a, and advance south towards the port city of Aden. The Hadi Government currently receives guns, aid, and support from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. The Houthis lack the same resources, which could be provided by us, the Iranian Armed Forces. The question, honorable members of the Iranian Armed Forces, is to what degree are we willing to help our Shia Brothers in Yemen in their fight for freedom, and if so, do we announce so publicly? This is what you will be forced to answer in the coming years.

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The Union Defence Forces

As-salaam ‘alaykum,

As most of you know, there is a civil war taking place in Yemen, a Middle Eastern country that has strategic importance that could greatly affect our livelihood. The Hadi Government, publicly recognized as the official government of Yemen, is fighting against the Houthi Rebels, now known as the Supreme Political Council after their capture and conversion of the Yemen capital city, Sana’a. The Hadi government is now forced to operate out of the port city Aden, an important source of economic activity for our country. The Houthi rebels are Shia Muslims and if they succeed in completely displacing the Hadi government, there will be another Shia government in the Middle East and our economic goals may be threatened. The influence of AQAP and ISIL, Iran (another Shia government), and other countries with motives to interfere in Yemen can impact the conflict and in turn, our country. It is now March, 2015 and we, the United Arab Emirates, must decide what our role will be in this civil war, whether it be as a player behind-the-scenes or as an active participant. As your Emir, I call for members of all seven emirates to convene, discuss, evaluate, and plan our position on the Yemen Civil War.

With hopes of our country’s prosperity,

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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