World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that has the role of managing international health. Given the nature of this committee and its goals of building a better and healthier future for the world, natural resources are a necessity in supporting countries to reach and maintain health policies and objectives. The two topics the committee will touch upon will be water and food. Water is not only a necessity in maintaining human lives but also relates to even further discussion of water-borne illness and health issues related to mining for natural resources. Additionally, combating world hunger has been on the agendas of many organizations because of the urgency of food insecurity in regions all over the world. This committee will be focusing on how to combat food shortages and their consequences in specifically Sub-Saharan Africa and how to establish long-term effective programs that will produce self-sufficient methods for developing countries to adopt into practice to prevent future food crises.

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Tanya Yoon

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Tanya is a fourth-year student in the college of arts and sciences majoring in Biology on a pre-dental track. She has been involved in Model UN since her sophmore year in high school, and has even gone back to chair at her former high school's conference. Tanya was also a competitive debator in the public forum high school circuit. At UVA, Tanya is an active member of the Chinese Student Association and the Pre-Dental Society. In her free time, Tanya likes to sleep and look at cute dog pictures. She can't wait to moderate and witness all the competitive debate that delegates will have to offer at VAMUN XXXVIII.