United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations program that provides humanitarian relief to mothers and their children in developing nations. With a focus on national resource scarcity, delegates must grapple with pertinent and potential problems affecting children, that arise due to a lack of resources. Two important topics of discussion for this committee will be handling scarcities regarding clean drinking water and food, and how to protect children from armed conflicts that arise due to wars over resources I.e. preventing the exploitation and use of child soldiers. It will be up to the delegates to create policy, through thoughtful diplomacy, that will benefit the well being of children across the world, in the face of current and potential conflicts.

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Abby groetsch

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Abby is a second year student, considering a double major in history and foreign affairs, with a minor in french. She participated in her high school's MUN and attended conferences at ODU and William and Mary! She also co-chaired a crisis committee at last year's VAMUN and is excited to head her own committee for the very first time! When Abby isn't studying you can catch her at the downtown farmer's market, eating out with her roommates, listening to music (probably the Beatles, the Smiths or the Talking Heads), or binge watching Seinfeld and Parks and Rec. On that note, whether you're a Leslie, a Ron, or even a Jerry, Abby's super excited to meet you and hopes to get to know each of the delegates! Good luck on your position papers, see you in the fall!