The United Nations International Children's Fund, or widely known as UNICEF, serves as a vital body of the United Nations for it advocates for the rights and well being of children worldwide. It pressures the international community by striving to set ethical principles and behavioral standards towards children. As children are our future leaders, thinkers, scholars, and workers, it is vital to aim towards the ability of giving each child a chance at success. However, as the world implodes with issues, conflicts, and severe circumstances, children are at the forefront of the suffering and fight for survival.

Delegates of the VAMUN XXXVII UNICEF Committee will grapple with two critical issues: the Child Refugee Crisis and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Africa. The resolutions of these issues are your hands, Delegates. It's time to get to work!


Johanna Moncada Sosa


Johanna is a second year from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. She plans on declaring Foreign Affairs and hopefully Public Policy through the Frank Batten School of Public Policy & Leadership. At UVA, Johanna serves as Contributing Writer for the Declaration, Advocacy Co-Chair for the Latinx Student Alliance, and is involved in the International Relations Organization and Cavalier CrossFit. This is her second time participating in VAMUN with her first serving as the Vice Chair of the U.N. Women's Summit. In her spare time, she loves to drink coffee, talk about politics, and dismantle the patriarchy.