The Soviet Literary Underground 1953

One of the greatest tragedies of the early Soviet era was the suppression of creativity and innovation; an identity was forced unto the Soviet people, and they weren't able to curate their own. The Committee of Underground Soviet Authors needs to find the way around the extreme censorship to publish their works and spread their message to prompt political change. How will these authors influence the future of the Soviet Union? How can we ensure that they and their families don't suddenly "disappear?"

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Katya is a third-year Russian and Eastern European Studies and Foreign Affairs major originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is her third time chairing a committee at UVa--she chaired once at VAMUN and once at VICS. Katya is excited to put forth unique challenges to help advance understanding of the intricate relationship between literature and politics. When she's not looking at socialism memes, Katya enjoys playing tennis, discovering new types of tea and coffee, exploring Charlottesville, and "photography." She is spending a couple of months in Russia and can't wait to bring back some first-hand cultural knowledge.