Part of the Eleanor Roosevelt Commission on Peace, SPECPOL looks to examine the effect the imperial age has had on modern geopolitical issues and will deal with the effects of decolonization and maintaining a strong government in areas stricken by the Refugee Crisis. SPECPOL will be evaluating a universal refugee policy for those seeking asylum as well as the challenges faced by Palestinian Refugees in contemporary society.

Please access the background guide for this committee here. 


gabe Popescu

Hi, my name is Gabe Popescu and I am a second year studying biomedical engineering at UVA. I have had a passion for Model UN since my first conference during my sophomore year of high school. I think the actions of our current president are interesting to say the least, especially in the context of being a world leader. I look forward to chairing a committee on the topics of universal refugee policies across different nations. I also love music and memes but hey who doesn't. I am looking forward to VAMUN this fall and hope to see you there!