Delegation Registration Fee - $70

Regular Deadline Individual Delegate Fee - $65 per delegate

  1. Your registration will not be processed until we receive your $70 Delegation Registration Check.
  2. We highly recommend you to submit your $70 payment by August 1st, so that you can fill out your Committee/Position Preference Form.
  3. Your Delegation payment ($70 fee) is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  4. To update your delegation's number of delegates, you must email our Under-Secretary-General for Delegations, Andrew Farnsworth. Your updated delegate number will be considered official only when our Under-Secretary-General for Delegations individually confirms the change.
  5. If you register during the early registration period, before July 1st , Individual Delegate fees are $60.00. On and after July 1st , Individual Delegates fees are $65.00. The Individual Delegate fee must be paid in full.  If you send a check, it must be in the mail by November 7th.
  6. We must have payment from you in order to allow your delegation’s participation in VAMUN. This means, if you send a check, it must be in the mail by November 7th, or brought to us by hand when you register. If you plan to do an electronic bank transfer, please contact the Under-Secretary-General for Delegations, Andrew Farnsworth, at no later than November 7th.
  7. Individual Delegate fees are refundable through October 1st. On October 2nd, and any day after, Delegate fees are expected to be paid IN FULL. Failure to pay for dropped delegates will result in lack of participation in VAMUN XXXVII. Continued lack of payment can result in prohibition from future VAMUN conferences and potential legal action.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Under-Secretary-General for Delegations at