Jordanian Response to Syrian Civil War

The outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 instigated a ripple effect of consequences, such as the refugee crisis with over one million seeking refuge in Jordan, and Jordanian security concerns. Not only has Jordan recognized hundreds of thousands of refugees, as bordering nation their role in the Syrian war has heightened, especially in collaboration with the U.S. This security council will work to deal with Jordanian intervention in specific battle scenarios, draft preventive war plans in case of future spillover into Jordan, and mitigating the refugee crisis.

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Raleigh Zook

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Raleigh Zook is a fourth-year from Ashland, Virginia. She is majoring in Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies. She has staffed, vice-chaired and chaired VAMUN and VICS Model UN conferences. She enjoys lectures and debates from the IRO and Alexander Hamilton Society, and is also involved with the VISAS program where she helps build English communication skills with international students. This past summer she interned for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs for the Department of State. She is looking forward to charing the Jordanian security council dealing with the Syrian civil war at VAMUN