Despite global agricultural yields exceeding the planet’s needs by one and a half times, roughly 11 percent of the world’s population remains undernourished. In the next three decades, analysts predict that food insecurity will become a global crisis augmented by climate change and climate change-induced migration phenomena. This body has been gathered to devise an actionable plan to increase the sustainability of global agricultural endeavors in order to meet the needs of a growing population and to offset the challenges posed by accelerated rural migration. In attendance will be representatives from nation states, independent non-governmental organizations, citizen interest groups, and corporations, all of whom play a unique and significant role in the management and mobilization of food and labor resources across the planet. Every seat at our table represents a different set of interests, priorities, and goals. Some are founded in the interests of national security, some in a commitment to human rights, and others in a dedication to a wide profit margin. A comprehensive solution to food insecurity cannot be realized without the active participation of all those present. It will not be easy, and many challenges lie ahead. The world is watching as the Global Food Summit convenes to address some of the most difficult, yet most pressing, obligations of the twenty-first century.

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Alexa Iadarola

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Alexa Iadarola is a Third Year majoring in Foreign Affairs and is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Policy from the Frank Batten School at UVA. She serves on the executive board of the Wilson Journal of International Affairs, UVA's undergraduate research publication in foreign relations and is a member of One Less, a sexual assault education and advocacy group on Grounds. She enjoys spending time with the Roosevelt Society, a political discourse organization, and tutoring local grade school students. In her free time you can find her freestyling classical ballet. She self-identifies as both a food and policy enthusiast and is thrilled to be chairing this committee. She cannot wait to welcome her Global Food Lobby delegates to the best VAMUN yet!