VAMUN is proud to present two Ad-Hoc committees this year, the flagship Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy, as well as the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Director General. Both committees serve to challenge experienced delegates to step outside of their comfort zone and collaborate to create effective policy solutions. The topics and your positions will be released one week before the conference begins, forcing delegates to rely on their MUN prowess, experience, and knowledge to succeed in committee. Real-life crises cannot be properly researched or prepared for in advance: only the true best delegates possess the correct mixture of skill, charisma, and passion to bridge divides, exploit weaknesses, and innovate solutions to the problems that we all face on a daily basis.  

Good Luck Delegates.

Adi Sapre

Director General |


The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Director General


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Good Luck.

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The Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy

The Jefferson Committee on Diplomacy is one of VAMUN’s two ad hoc committees. It aims to highlight the diplomatic skills Thomas Jefferson, UVa’s founder, possessed and prized. The background guide for this committee will be released three days before the first conference session. This makes JCD a particularly realistic simulation since policymakers have limited time to evaluate issues before addressing them. The focus of JCD is not compiling the most thorough research, but rather making the best possible decisions in the absence of perfect information. This committee is suited for experienced delegates comfortable with fast paced debate, strategic thinking, and great uncertainty. It is our ultimate aim to challenge delegates beyond what they have experienced in any other committee, forcing them to devise creative solutions to scenarios they could never possibly predict. Adaptability and ingenuity thus will be nothing short of key.

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