Article V of the US Constitution allows two ways to propose Constitutional amendments. Congress can propose an amendment, provided it has two-thirds support in each chamber, and 38 of the 50 states (3/4) must ratify it, to make it law. Alternatively, the states may call on Congress to form a constitutional convention to propose amendments. They are required to do so if 34 (2/3) states pass resolutions in their legislative bodies to call a convention. 

The year is 2019. Democrats targeted many seats in the House, and made significant gains during the midterms. However, their gains came at a cost. They lost their weak foothold on some of the last remaining Democratic controlled state legislatures. Two-thirds of the states, mostly states with Republican controlled state legislatures, have passed resolutions calling for the Third United States Constitutional Convention. Congress is compelled to uphold these demands, pursuant to Article V.

At a time of political polarization like no other time in American history, except perhaps for the Civil War, states must send their delegates to the Third Constitutional Convention, charged with forging new amendments, repealing old ones, or perhaps, deciding to abolish the current constitution and write a new one. What should be addressed first? Shall we try to limit the power of the current president who many think is unfit and unstable to lead the country? Is the electoral college system still the best way to determine the presidency? What should be said about immigration in the Constitution? What will the fate of gun control be? These and more are some of the challenges that you will be tasked with during the convention. However, the entire situation is in your hands. These few issues are by no means exhaustive or comprehensive.

It shall be up to the delegates of the convention to decide the fate of America and the governing document that has been the foundation of the strongest democracy in modern times. The law of the land, and the very essence of freedom and democracy are in your very capable hands, delegates. Use your power wisely and prepare for a tough fight.

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